Company Profile

Focus Education is a global research, training and resource organisation that develops educational programs for consumer and professional markets.

Developing Critical and Creative Thinkers is a subsidiary of Focus Education with Corporate Headquarters located in Australia Its role is to manage and develop Focus Education’s thinking-based range of consumer products.


To create engaging new educational experiences for consumers by combining latest generation thinking with contemporary content and delivery services.


Focus Education is committed to developing resources and services that challenge the traditional ways that students, families and corporations think and learn.

  • To have the courage to articulate and work towards a better education future for all
  • To move from an answer-based to a question-based learning curriculum
  • To inspire critical and creative thinking


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Our Countries of Speaking and Training Experience

Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, Tonga, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, Turkey, Germany, The Netherlands, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Wales, England, Borneo, Singapore, Romania, United States, The Philippines, Kenya, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Jordan, Qatar, Lebanon.

Focus Education: Our Company Services and Products

Workshop Programs include:

  1. Mind Your Brain: How to become a more effective learner
  2. How to Become a SuperStar Learner
  3. Young Thinkers’ Program
  4. Parenting with the Brain in Mind
  5. Neuroeducation: Learning with the Brain Mind
  6. Developing Emotional Intelligence
  7. Assessment and Evaluation with the Brain in Mind
  8. Developing Critical, Creative and Curious Thinkers
  9. Learning Smarter: Contemporary Lessons in Teaching and Learning
  10. Wake Up to the Impact of Sleep
  11. Alcohol: A Glass Full of Fun – A Bottle Full of Trouble
  12. Building a Brain-Compatible Company Business

Resources include:

  1. My Talents (web-based on-line)
  2. Learning and Career Profiling System (web-based on-line)
  3. Mind Your Brain (DVD and book)
  4. Parenting with the Brain in Mind (DVD and book)
  5. Learning in the Emotional Rooms (book)
  6. Brain Busters: Mind Muddlers to Muse Over (DVD and book)
  7. Young Thinkers’ Program (web-based on-line)
  8. Wake Up to the Impact of Sleep (DVD, book and on-line)
  9. Model Human Brains (model and book)
  10. 80+ Articles on child development, sleep, drugs, relationships, diet...
  11. A1 Laminated Brain and Learning posters (posters)
  12. Anatomy of the Brain (on-line course)