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About Young Thinkers' Program

Young Thinkers is a unique and effective Program in which you skillfully improve your Critical and Creative Thinking. This Program helps you to develop:

  • Judgments for making decisions
  • Skills to distinguish between facts, myths and opinions
  • Ideas for problem solving
  • Creative thinking which leads to unmet needs or better solutions
  • A challenging and curious mindset
  • Self esteem and skills as a learner and thinker
  • The ability to succeed at school and at university studies

Everyone thinks. But not everyone thinks well. One of the greatest skills you can learn is the ability to be a smarter, independent thinker. Young Thinkers’ Program consists of a wide range of INTERACTIVE CARTOON STORIES. The stories contain engaging questions that stimulate and develop CRITICAL and CREATIVE thinking. These carefully designed, multiple answer questions challenge you to think up you own ideas, judgments, and reasons. You’ll receive expert and instant feedback that enables you to receive a score for each question. You can even plot your improvement and eventually challenge the creators of the Program!

Creative Thinking is how we imagine possibilities which lead to new solutions or better products. Creativity is imagination made real.
Critical Thinking is how we use relevant criteria to make judgments about information.


The Young Thinkers Program was designed and created by Focus Education with Dr John Langrehr PhD as advisor.

Stories Written by: John Langrehr and John Joseph

Guest Writers: Greg Macpherson (Young Talent Time) and Thomas Richards (Thinking with His Feet)

Artwork: Sterling Osment, Nick Graalman, Clare Macpherson and John Joseph

Graphic Design: Nick Graalman and John Joseph

Narrator: John Joseph

Student Booklets by: John Joseph

Published by: Focus Education

Web Development: Tim Hyatt

Published as an e-Book and e-Program in South Australia

John Joseph M Ed (Mathematics and Science Education) has published 6 books, multiple CD, DVD and on-line programs and has written over 80 articles. He has taught at the University of South Australia and presented workshop across 29 countries. He is renowned as a speaker at international conferences on neuroeducation, emotions, behaviour and thinking processes.

Dr John Langrehr PhD has written over 25 books and 100 journal articles on helping all learners to think more effectively. Many of the books have been published in India, Malaysia, China, Mexico, Singapore, America, Canada (French), Saudi Arabia (Arabic), and Australia. Dr John Langrehr’s special focus has been on developing and evaluating creative and critical thinking. He has taught at the Ohio State University and for many years at the University of South Australia. Dr John Langrehr also speaks at national and international thinking and gifted conferences.